Our standard gift basket including the following: 


1 4oz Jar Body Scrub (pre-made or customized options)

1 Oil Blend (up to 3 essential oils)

1 2oz Bee's Wax Lotion (Scented or unscented options) 

1 4oz Scented Epsom Bath Salt (up to 3 essential oils) 


Choose from any of our avalible ingredients to customize your own scrub from any of our avalible ingredients! 


You can choose from the following ingredients for each product: 



Epsom salt

Sea salt

Himilayan salt



Brown sugar

White sugar

Raw Sugar



Limit 2 of the above. Please note sugars and coffee are for scrubs only. Also, epsom salt is the only base option for bathsalts. 


Base Oils: (limit 1 choice)

Avacado oil

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Please note: Base oils are for scrubs and oil blends only. 


Essential oils (optional) 

***Please note we do not carry the more expensive essential oils typically such as yang lang, jasmine, rose, etc. 

Small Gift Basket

  • Store all products in a cool dry clean storage area out of direct sunlight. 

    Do not let water mix with product to prevent spoilage. 

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