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Welcome to the Practical Healing site and your new journey to healing. Starting your personal journey to wellness can be difficult but necessary.


In such a busy world today many people have aches and pains that just never seem to go away. Practical Healing's goal is to help you feel the best you can be by helping you find relief from your consistent problems and pain. Bringing awareness about your body will hep you better understand how it works and how you can keep it nourished and working at its best for you. 

This is not your normal spa massage. We aim to give you the most relief by working every aspect of your body.  We do this because your body is connected, so it's not just an arm, a neck, or a leg; when one hurts the others will follow and be affected. This is why we strive and do our best to make you and your body feel whole and complete again through our offered therapies. 



We also don't like to keep you just to ourselves and are networked with a variety of other holistic providers that can help you if we are unable to.  

Michaela Sinks, Licensed Massage Therapist

Tel: 816-882-0841
Email: practicalhealing2016@gmail.com

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